Meet JellyBots, a new NFT collection, but with actual utility (for real)

Meet JellyBots, a new NFT collection, but with actual utility (for real)

It seems that we are currently at a turning point in the world of NFTs. The craze that happened between the summer of 2021 and the spring of 2022 is definitely over and shows little sign of ever coming back. But is this the end of NFTs? Well, we think it's just the beginning.

Even if it helped to promote extremely talented artists and earn them some deserved money, very few of the tens of thousands of NFT collections have succeeded in making a capital gain by keeping their floor price above their mint price.

The reason is simple: most of these projects failed to deliver on their roadmaps and provide real utility. We saw of few people doing malicious things (rug pulls) but most creators seemed to have honest intentions. They just failed to keep the hype alive by not being able to deliver useful stuff to their community regularly. Either the perks were too insignificant and therefore unconvincing, or they were too big and never saw the light of day.

Now that we have all seen what happened, we're not gonna make the same mistake again. We know that from now on it is mandatory to come up with projects that are delivering. Obviously, we want JellyBots to be one of these projects.

What is JellyBots exactly?

On the surface, it looks just like any other PFP NFT collection. They're just cartoon robots with eyes, mouths, hair, and clothes that combine to make 10,000 unique faces. How useful can that be?

Initial visual research.

It's the first impression it gives, but unlike most projects that are overpromised and underdelivered, our collection will have day 1 utility. This utility will come from the fact that JellyBots are strongly bound to the projects carried out by 0x3 Studio. At 0x3 Studio, we plan to release small products regularly (2 or 3 per year), and owning a JellyBot will be your ticket to unlock access to all the products we make, forever. I repeat this because I think it's important to insist: owning a JellyBot will give you lifetime access to all 0x3 Studio products.

That's great, but even so, how can you know that the products we are going to produce will be good and worth spending ETH? This is an excellent question and it is normal to ask it. We happen to be a senior team of builders and we have already proven ourselves in the past by being the initiators or by participating in the construction of products and companies such as 1MD (an award-winning creative agency), Storify (a social storytelling tool for journalists, acquired by Adobe in 2016), Instaply (a platform that delivers customer service over text messaging), WooRank (a website analysis tool that offers personalized marketing tips), Koopol (a price monitoring tool dedicated to brands), and Ludus (a presentation tool for creative teams). In other words, we have experience, we don't come out of nowhere, and we also have no problem doxxing ourselves (we never quite understood the secrecy in the space anyway).

JellyBots are entirely made of vectors (Figma screenshot).

What will we build?

Our first product unlockable with a JellyBot is called Hotmint. It will give you a live dashboard of all the NFT collections currently minting with an associated score (out of 100), so you won't be late on a mint ever again, and you'll definitely know what you want to mint and what you want to avoid. This tool is really meant for newbies, the score being the unique metric to watch for people who are not very familiar with NFTs yet. At some point, it will even become collaborative, to be able to avoid scams as much as possible.

The second product we want to ship after Hotmint, and that will also be unlockable with a JellyBot, is a headless and decentralized content publishing platform on top of Arweave called Solid. You can see it as a mix between Twitter and WordPress but without a backend (because it's in the blockchain–so nearly free of charge), with real ownership of your content, and without the fear of forever losing it for some reason (either because you screwed up a migration or you got hacked). It will be open source by default, but we'll provide our own cloud for it.

Another thing we want to deliver next is 0x3 Academy, a video course to learn about web3, whether for non-technical or technical people. We want to do it in multiple languages, starting with English and French. Obviously, you will simply need to own a JellyBot to access these tutorials, but you got it by now, didn't you?

How much?

Once again, we want to do things differently. Our mint price will not be fixed and arbitrary like it’s usually the case, it will be progressive: it will start at the very low price of 0.0001 ETH ($0.13 at the time of writing) and increase by 0.0001 ETH on every mint. That means the price will be 0.001 ETH after 10 tokens minted, 0.01 ETH after 100 tokens minted, 0.1 ETH after 1,000 tokens minted, to end at the beautiful price of 1 ETH for the very last JellyBot.

An important reason we do this is that we want to reward our early adopters but also because we like the fact this will make the mint regulate itself. At some point, the sales will stop, and that would be a signal that we need to continue improving and evangelizing our products. We know we won't sell out quickly but we don't care. Actually, that's the entire point. We are here for the long term.

We also won't have a waitlist, and we won't use proxies for delayed reveals or for hiding metadata for tokens not yet minted. Everything will be decentralized from day 1, stored on Arweave. That means you'll be able to see the metadata of all of the tokens immediately but that really doesn't matter because our collection is not about minting rare tokens. We will have rare traits and 1:1 tokens because it's fun and we like fun but at the end of the day, all the JellyBots will have the same unique power: give you lifetime access to all 0x3 Studio products.

You might wonder what the catch is but there's no catch. We truly believe this is a viable alternative to the SaaS model that dominated the market for the past decade. We even gave a name to this new model, but we'll explain all that in a future article.

Rare pictures of JellyBots in the realverse.

Wen mint?

Very soon!!! The best way to be alerted as soon as it's out is to leave your email on the JellyBots website or follow the @JellyBotsNFT or @0x3studio accounts on Twitter. All important information will be communicated via these channels.

You can mint now!