This week in web3 #1

Every Friday afternoon, we share with you the most important news of the week in the world of web3.

This week in web3 #1

1️⃣ A major blockchain exploited and frozen

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was the victim of an attack and was put down for a few hours as a result. The attacker was apparently able to get away with approximately $100M!

2️⃣ An embarrassing leak

Celsius, a bankrupt crypto lending company, has revealed the names and transactions of most of its customers in a court filing. It also shows that top execs withdrew a lot of money from the platform right before it went bust.

3️⃣ New features at OpenSea

OpenSea announced bulk listing and buying on the platform. It’s now possible to list and buy up to 30 items in a single flow on the marketplace.

4️⃣ Europe being Europe

The European Union doubled down on previous sanctions against Russia which limited bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions resulting in an outright ban against all transactions.

5️⃣ A language of zero-knowledge proofs

Announced this week, Noir (by Aztec Network) is meant to make the zero-knowledge proofs cryptographic concept available to developers. It’s the easiest way to write zk apps compatible with any proving system.

6️⃣ A few very interesting NFT collections

❤️ HELIX Founder Pass Official: Your access to this promising metaverse.

❤️ Kitaro World: No crazy utility but they look cool (in our humble opinion).

❤️ Probably A Label: A new type of record label aimed at redefining IP ownership in the music industry (using web3 tech, obviously). A partnership between Probably Nothing and Warner Records.