This week in web3 #15

Every Friday afternoon, we share with you the most important news of the week in the world of web3.

This week in web3 #15

1️⃣ Vitalik proposes stealth addresses to enhance privacy

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin released a new blog post proposing a stealth address system for enhanced privacy protections for blockchain users.

2️⃣ DMs are available on ORB

ORB, a social app powered by Lens Protocol, just released its direct message feature, powered by XMTP.

3️⃣ Amazon will soon launch an NFT initiative

Amazon is planning to launch an NFT initiative this spring. The company will focus on blockchain-based gaming that rewards players with NFTs.

4️⃣ Nansen releases its updated NFT dashboard

Nansen, the company providing real-time crypto and NFT insights, just released its updated NFT Trends & Indexes dashboard. It's a key reference point for anyone alike on macro-level NFT data.

5️⃣ Polygon overtook Ethereum in DAU

In addition to $MATIC being up 48% this year, the Polygon blockchain now has the second most daily active users, according to one research group.

6️⃣ Porsche's NFT fails to impress

It's not always easy for a web2 company to enter web3. Porsche learned it the hard way. The launch of their NFT collection has been a massive disappointment. H3yd3n explains it very well in this video.