This week in web3 #6

Every Friday afternoon, we share with you the most important news of the week in the world of web3.

This week in web3 #6

1️⃣ The FTX saga continues to unfold

Since last week, a lot of new crazy stuff emerged from the FTX saga. nft now made a great summary of the situation.

2️⃣ Apple Pay on Circle

Apple Pay is now available on Circle, which should boost the sales of businesses that build with the platform famous for being behind the $USDC and $EUROC stablecoins.

3️⃣ Nike and Adidas launch web3 projects

It seems that Nike and Adidas are also rivals in the metaverse. They both announced new web3 projects a few days apart.

4️⃣ Daylight out of beta

Daylight, a tool to discover your wallet’s special abilities, is out of closed beta.

5️⃣ Cristiano Ronaldo announces his NFT collection

Just a few days after his incendiary interview with Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo announced his NFT collection, on Binance.

6️⃣ ❤️ $SHIB

A preliminary audit unveiled that 20% of’s assets are in Shiba Inu ($SHIB), a shitcoin sometimes presented as a Dogecoin ($DOGE) killer.